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2016 CSA - Week 11 Recipes - Tomaotes

Posted 8/22/2016 11:08am by Jennifer.

We are at the height of the tomato season, so enjoy it while you can!  

My Mom used to love tomato season.  If you wanted to put a smile on her face during the summer months, you simply had to hand her a freshly picked tomato.  It didn't matter if it was big or small, yellow or red, bruised or cracked.  She'd take it gently from your hand and caress it in hers with a huge smile on her face - as if you had just handed her a precious jewel.  She'd eat them everyday in all sorts of forms, but she enjoyed them most straight out of hand with just a touch of salt. 


Two of my favorite ways to enjoy tomatoes are bruschetta and fresh salsa.  It's ideal to make both these recipes with a paste or plum tomato, but if I don't have those on hand, I simply use regular slicing tomatoes and strain some of the extra liquid out. 


Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil

Fresh Tomato Salsa

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