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2016 CSA - Week 13 Recipes - Corn

Posted 9/6/2016 3:44pm by Jennifer.


There are only a couple weeks left in the sweet corn season.  As we pick through our later fields, the chances of corn tip worm and corn borer worm increase.  We try our very best as we are hand-picking to throw out any ears that have extreme damage, especially in the middle of the ear.  However, if there is a corn tip worm at the end of the ear, we still pick it and include it in the vegetable shares.  One of the reasons we choose to grow our current variety of corn (which is also our favorite tasting) is because it produces a nice long ear.  So, even if you have to cut the end off due to a worm at the tip, you are still left with a beautiful ear of corn to enjoy.


Some may think that our corn has a lot of worms, and that may be true.  Even though our corn is not certified organic, we still like to raise it as organically as possible.  This means that we only use non-GMO corn, not "Round-up Ready" corn.  We also use organically approved pesticides, and we only use them when absolutely necessary.  We know that most of our customers prefer a worm at the tip of the corn ear over the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides.  There's a reason why it is very difficult to find certified-organic sweet corn, because it's very difficult to grow organically.  So, we will continue to try our best at growing it as organically as we can.  


Thank you for your understanding and continued support, and hope you enjoy your sweet corn!

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